Gareth Tristan Evans

Foo koo (SOLD)

Medium: Mixed Media

Measurements: W 48cm x H 65cm

Stock: Sold

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Gareth Evans – Foo Koo – Edition of 50

Hand applied acrylics, Gold Leaf ‘Halo’, 24 Carat Gold, Silver and Copper leaf discs. In addition modern and vintage world postage stamps and finally 3D lacquered canvas tiles.

Presented in a float mounted contemporary black frame measuring H 76cm x W 59cm

Signed, numbered and accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity.

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Born in Singapore, brought up in a remote Welsh valley and now living in Macclesfield Gareth is an emerging mixed media artist whose work is gathering increased interest from contemporary art collectors in the UK and abroad.

Utilising a range of techniques from photography to digital to traditional pen and brush his work is influenced by childhood memories, vintage textiles, street art and an O.C.D. attention to detail.  Unconstrained by the need to conform to traditional codes he employs whatever skills and materials needed to achieve the desired result.

His latest series ‘Urban Geisha’ draws upon his influences and interest in materials to create 21st Century versions of the traditional Geisha.  The influence of street art is obvious as is his interest in Eastern symbolism and imagery.  Each piece is handcrafted as layers of Gold Leaf, acrylics, Hanko stamps, Japanese postage stamps and 3D relief tiles are woven into the artwork.

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