Clive Maddison

Clive Maddison was born in Edwinstowe, Nottinghamshire and from early childhood, Sherwood Forest has been a great inspiration to him. This connection has given him a life-long love for trees. Clive says “Most of us wouldn’t notice how much of an impact trees have on our daily lives. It’s something I have become acutely aware of following the start of my creative journey with wire tree sculptures”. The variety and beauty of trees has become the sole inspiration shaping Clive’s creative craft.

Trees give a sense of history, an image of permanence and an indication of life, visible and hidden, in the landscape. They give texture to the scenery and when you walk in the wooded areas, they wrap you in a leafy blanket of nature that never fails to impress those who take a moment to notice what has taken years to perfect. They are nature’s clock that signals the seasons with new life in spring, fullness in summer, colour and fruit in autumn and bare structure in winter.