A warm welcome to Sandie Henderson

I would like to extend my warmest welcome to our new gallery artist and sculptor, Sandie Henderson. Lancashire based Sandie has exhibited her work worldwide and extensively in the UK, including The Royal Academy and The Mall Galleries, London. Other notable exhibitions where held at The Royal West Academy, Royal Birmingham Society of Artists and The Weston Park National Fine Art Open.

In my view, Sandie’s work is stunning and testament to her natural talent and commitment as an artist and sculptor. A lifetime love of horses and working with them daily, has further equipped Sandie to create sculptures which express balance and refined tactile form. Each bronze sculpture is foundry cast to the highest standard which is more than evident as each piece displays an eye-catching patina and high quality appearance. 

I am thrilled that Sandie has chosen to collaborate with Carnes Fine Art and I am very excited to hear what customers have to say when they see her work. Please feel free to call into the gallery and view these wonderful sculptures. 

Artist Biography 

Sandie Henderson was born and grew up in Cumbria, where the dramatic beauty of Cumbria’s coast, fells and mountains no doubt nurtured her early appreciation of landscape and the natural environment.
Through sculpture, drawing and printmaking, Sandie aims to capture the inherent characteristics of the horse, particularly its essential power and dynamic energy whilst in motion. She looks for an elemental spirit of the wild that connects her horses to the landscape of their environment.

Sandie’s work is informed and authenticated by personal involvement with horses and an earlier career as a British Horse Society Riding Instructor. Close observation and study of equine physiology and ethology are important aspects of her art practice.

Although her work is essentially contemporary, its roots are very much grounded in antiquity. Major influences include Ancient Greek, Etruscan and Tang Dynasty Art. The classic 1766 publication, “The Anatomy of the Horse” by George Stubbs has been a particular source of inspiration. Further significant influences include Marino Marini and Elizabeth Frink.

Sandie’s work has been exhibited widely both in this country and abroad, and is held in various public and private collections.