Summer Exhibition 2019

A warm welcome to our Summer exhibition. We are celebrating summer with a number of recent works by our gallery artists and showcasing a number of pieces from private collections. The exhibition runs from Saturday 13th July – 31st August 2019.

As part of the summer exhibition, we are proud to be offering a collection of original works of art by some of the countries best known artists including Sherree Valentine-Daines, Rob Hefferan, Jacqueline Stanhope, Philip Gerrard, Michael Demain, Amanda Jackson, Kay Boyce, Simon Whitfield and Katy Harrald. We also have a number of original works from distinguished art collections, works by L.S.Lowry, Brian Shields, Arthur Delaney, Lawrence Isherwood, Mary Feddon, Constantin Kluge, Marcel Dyf, Jules Rene Herve, Pierre de Clausade and Campbell Archibald Mellon.  Not all paintings, “older works from collections” are on display, please contact the gallery for further assistance.

Please keep an eye on our website news blog, Twitter and Instagram for updates, recent art acquisitions and gallery news.

We look forward to welcoming you.

Best wishes, Bradley