Philip Gerrard

Sunshine and Shadows (NEW)

Contemporary, Wildlife Art

Medium: Oil on board

Measurements: W 74cm x H 41cm

Stock: Recent acquisition


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Sunshine and Shadows by Philip Gerrard

This piece depicts the beautiful landscape of the Lake District and in particular, Wise Een Tarn and The Langdales.

Signed: P Gerrard

Latest collection 2019

Dimensions: Please note the dimensions of the artwork framed is approximately 92.5cm x 59.5cm

Condition: Excellent condition. Please do not hesitate to contact the gallery for further assistance

Philip Gerrard is a still life and landscape artist from Lancashire. Philip turned professional in 1996 and has since developed his portfolio across both genres. Philip says ‘My realism paintings demonstrate timeless quality and appeal. They are not minimalist nor are they over composed. I prefer a fusion of classical and contemporary influences. This has been achieved by lengthy research and the study of methods used over the centuries as well as the most cutting edge. For example, I use the ancient Euclidean compositional rules. However, my palette and colour mixing minimises the use of traditional earth pigments preferring a more modern method using mostly spectral pigments. This creates order in the composition and great light and luminosity in the subject’. Philip has won several awards and had work accepted for exhibition by leading art organizations. His work can be found in the hands of private collectors in UK, USA, China and Australia.


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