James Lawrence Isherwood (1917-1989)


Modern British, Northern Art

Medium: Oil on board

Measurements: W 29cm x H 39.5cm

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Isherwood self-portrait by James Lawrence Isherwood

Signed & dated: Isherwood 1973

Provenance: Supplied with a certificate of authentication signed by Molly Isherwood, the artists sister-in-law

Dimensions: Please note the dimensions of the artwork framed is approximately 55cm x 45cm

Condition: Excellent condition

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James Lawrence Isherwood (1917–1989)

Lawrence Isherwood was an English artist, born in Wigan, Lancashire, where he ran the Isherwood gallery.   He is widely known for his prolific impressionist/expressionist styles.  Isherwood travelled extensively and had over 200 shows, including colleges at Oxford and Cambridge Universities.

Isherwood was an eccentric, controversial character whose work was uneven , often garish and awkward, but who could occasionally produce a telling image, as seen when a large body of it was included in the Northern art show at the Mall Galleries.

Isherwood was a friend of the artist L. S. Lowry, who purchased his Woman with Black Cat and displayed it at his home. Lowry paid £5 for the picture from Isherwood’s Av Guard exhibition in Manchester.  Other known collectors include Prince Charles, who bought one of Isherwood’s seascapes from a sale held at Cambridge University.

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