Armand-Marie Guérin (1913-1983)

Passerelle des Arts, Paris (SOLD)

French Collection

Medium: Oil on board

Measurements: W 46cm x H 23cm

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Armand-Marie Guérin – Passerelle des Arts, Paris

Please note the dimensions of this work when framed are approximately 57cm x 35cm


Armand-Marie Guérin was born in Paris in 1913. His early inspiration for painting came from his father, Vincent Manago (1880-1936) ‘a popular French painter of marine and landscape scenes’ along with his older brother, Dominique Manago.  Both respected artists, however, they painted in completely different styles to Armand who subsequently changed his last name and signed his work ‘Guérin’.

Guérin studied at the Ecole Nationale des Beaux-Arts in Paris where he was a student of Jean-Pierre Laurens among others.  He is listed in Bénézit as well as other art compendiums and is a noted figure with regards to the French naïve school style of painting.

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Passerelle des Arts, Paris (SOLD)

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