Mark S Payne

Forest Canopy (SOLD)

Medium: Oil on Board

Measurements: W 90cm x H 90cm

Stock: Sold

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Forest Canopy by Mark S Payne

Signed: M S Payne

Please note the dimensions of this work framed are approximately H 95cm x W 95cm

Please do not hesitate to contact the gallery for further assistance

Born in Luton, Mark studied technical and scientific illustration for four years. After graduation he became a member of the Society of Illustrators, Artists and Designers (SIAD). Since then, he has had a full and demanding 33 year career as a full-time artist and illustrator, producing work for numerous national and international publishers, advertising agencies and galleries.

Mark works with oils, using a variation of the early painting technique known as ‘Grisaille’, a practice used by many of the old masters. Generally, it starts with a monochrome under-painting, usually in shades of grey or ochre, on a white surface. Once fully dry, it is painted over with successive layers of transparent colour known as ‘glazes’. Each new glaze changes the optical qualities of the layers beneath, resulting in a richness and purity of colour that is otherwise very hard to achieve.

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