Sandie Henderson

Etrusco III

Contemporary, Equine Art

Medium: Collagraph

Measurements: W 24cm x H 24cm

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Sandie Henderson Original Collagraph – Etrusco III

Signed: Sandie Henderson – Etrusco III

Three collagraphs were pulled from a plate before the plate was destroyed.

Each of the three collagraphs are presented on Somerset satin paper

Framed to the highest standard, conservation mount boards & tru-vue ultra vue glass

Please note the dimensions of this work framed are approximately 48cm x 48cm

Supplied with a certificate of authenticity

Please do not hesitate to contact the gallery for further assistance

The creative process:  The collagraph was created using a mount board stencil of Etrusco collaged onto a base board. Randomly scattered carborundum grit was glued to the board to “ground” the image and embossing tools were used to create the decorative Etruscan symbols. The collagraph plate was coated with varnish and when dry, different coloured inks were hand rubbed into the plate, then much of the ink was wiped off with scrim.

Sandie Henderson was born and grew up in Cumbria, where the dramatic beauty of Cumbria’s coast, fells and mountains no doubt nurtured her early appreciation of landscape and the natural environment.

Through sculpture, drawing and printmaking, Sandie aims to capture the inherent characteristics of the horse, particularly its essential power and dynamic energy whilst in motion. She looks for an elemental spirit of the wild that connects her horses to the landscape of their environment.

Sandie’s work is informed and authenticated by personal involvement with horses and an earlier career as a British Horse Society Riding Instructor. Close observation and study of equine physiology and ethology are important aspects of her art practice.

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