Darrell Evanes

Bodies compose the frame of the world (SOLD)


Measurements: W 76cm x H 47cm x D 35cm

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Title: Bodies that compose the frame of the world by Darrell Evanes

Date created: 2018

Dimensions: Please note the dimensions of this work are approximately W 76cm x D 35cm x H 47cm

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Darrell Evanes was born in 1965 in Leeds and grew up in Harrogate, North Yorkshire. Darrell studied for a BTEC National in ‘Art & Design’ at Harrogate College 1990 – 1992 and thereafter achieved BA (Hons) in ‘Fine Art Sculpture’ at Bretton Hall Leeds 1992 – 1996.

Darrell was short listed for the Royal Academy of Arts Summer Exhibition 2011 – 2104 with sculptures submitted in the Ingram Collection, The Lightbox.

Darrell’s unique sculptures embody his individual artistic talents. Each piece leads the viewer through a journey of memories and thought provoking narratives. A unique trademark of Darrell’s work is his signature with a one or two pence piece, that signifies ‘a penny for your thoughts’.  His sculptures are individually hand crafted, using a variety of reclaimed metals, each with a theme and a truly unique style.

Artist Statement: For me, a work must first have a vitality of its own. I do not mean a reflection of the vitality of life, of movement, physical action, risking, dancing figures and so on but that a work can have in it a pent-up energy, an intense life of its own, independent of the object it may represent.

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Bodies compose the frame of the world (SOLD)

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