Chris Mcloughlin

Blencathra (NEW)


Medium: Oil on canvas

Measurements: W 40cm x H 25.5cm

Stock: Recent acquisition


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Blencathra, Lake District by Chris Mcloughlin

Dimensions: Please note the dimensions of this work when framed are approximately 55cm x 41cm

Condition: Excellent condition

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Lancashire based Chris works predominantly in oils, he aims to capture the conscious experience and awareness of a place. Working from observation and plein air, he is inspired by his senses and emotions by pushing the boundaries of representational painting towards a more phenomenological approach, letting his work attain this magical atmospheric quality.

His perception of the landscape is translated onto canvas through bold expressive mark making, an intuitive relationship with colour and a delicate understanding of tone. His subjects are invariably places that he knows well and visits often to experience the weather and explore the seasons.

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