New – Michael James Smith Original Painting

Landscape oil painting for saleI am delighted to announce the arrival of an oil painting by one of the modern day leading British landscape painters, Michael James Smith. This wonderful work is titled ‘Tranquillity’. This serene landscape invites the viewer to step inside the painting and fully appreciate the peaceful riverside setting. The vibraint lush green brush strokes to the foreground leading to the hazy summer tones in the background creates a captivating composition. I have long been an admirer of Michael’s work and I am excited to showcase this exceptional piece in the gallery.

Biography: Michael James Smith was born in Southend Essex in 1976 and is the son of the renowned British landscape painter, David Smith. After leaving secondary education, Michael studied Fine Art at Southend College and in 1994, at the age of 18, became a professional artist, sharing the same studio as his Father. Michael is greatly inspired by the British countryside and has completed many works based upon idyllic settings from around the UK. He is one of the UK’s leading landscape artists and holds a distinctive style, his work is quite photorealistic and embodies detail, observational accuracy and vivid natural colours. Michael’s oil paintings are highly sought-after and collected throughout the world; original work can be found in fine art galleries in the UK and also in a America. 

I am showcasing a fabulous collection of art and sculptures as part of the Summer Exhibition.  The gallery has been re-jigged around to accommodate new works!

As always, please do not hesitate to contact me for further assistance regarding any piece.  I look forward to seeing you soon.