Bespoke Framing

Bespoke Framing Service

Carnes Fine Art provides a specialist bespoke framing service for oil paintings only. Images below show a small part of our selection of the frame styles and sizes we have to offer. Each frame is handcrafted using the highest quality materials. Individual patterns are available such as clean lined modern frames to the more elaborate french and victorian swept frames. We have a wide choice of finishes, from contemporary through to various shades of traditional gold.  We can tailor to suit your taste and setting for the piece. We have a range of samples for you to try with your artwork so you can visualise exactly before placing your order. Please view our frame samples online here or call into our gallery for further assistance.

Measuring for a New Frame

The canvas size is the external size of the painting, which will determine the size of the frame rebate. When measuring the canvas size, you should account for any projecting nail heads or folded canvas in the corners. A small amount will be added to the canvas size when the frame is made to allow the picture to fit the rebate easily. It is advisable to check that the picture is ‘square’ when measuring, to ensure no gaps when the frame is made. The height of the canvas is traditionally the first number quoted, therefore a 12x 8 canvas is portrait, whereas an 8x 12 canvas is landscape.

The sight size is the size of the aperture of the frame and thus shows all dimensions of the picture.  The sight size will account for a small area around of the edge of the painting, that keeps the painting secure in the frame. When measuring the sight size, you should ensure that any unpainted edges of the canvas are covered, but not by so much that parts of the painting or the signature are lost. For example it may be appropriate to include 1/4 inch around each edge of small picture of 6 x 8, whereas a larger canvas may need 1/4 to 3/4 inch on each side.  We are here to assist you to ensure measurements are correct, either by telephone or in person at our gallery.




91mm Brompton finished in olive

91mm Brompton finished in limewash

91mm Brompton finished in taupe

3" French finished in colour & gold with a white wash

3" French finished in medium rottenstone

3" French finished in colour & gold

59mm Leonardo finished in graphite

70mm Opus finished in pale bronze

74mm Langham finished in sterling silver

3" English finished in medium light antique gold

3" Opee finished in medium light antique gold

3" Law finished in metal leaf

74mm Langham finished in satin black with bronze edge

41mm Langham finished in satin black with silver edge

52mm Utrecht finished in antique black with red and gold edge

2" Stark finished in light antique gold

3" Mondrain finished in metal leaf

3" Opee finished in light antique gold

60mm Brompton finished in taupe

60mm Brompton finished in olive

60mm Brompton finished in limewash

43mm Opus finished in warm silver

3" Carlo finished in antique gold

3" Fluted finished in light antique gold

53mm Palladian finished in soft grey wash

53mm Palladian finished in light grey wash

34mm Palladian finished in soft grey wash