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William Mellor (1851-1931)

William Mellor (1851-1931)

was born in 1851 in Barnsley, Yorkshire.  Mellor is renowned for his picturesque rivers and mountainous landscapes, particularly North Wales, the Lake district and Yorkshire.  William’s artistic appreciation of landscape scenes in summer and early autumn carry a distinctive style which is more than evident within his detailed subjects. His distinctive approach gave his work a beautiful enchanting finish which makes William Mellor’s artwork so collectable today. Mellor’s concept was aided by rich pickings, from the calm waters and undulating landscape of the English countryside to the rugged strong scenery of North Wales. With strength of composition and patient observation Mellor painted enchanting records of Britain’s timeless landscape.

Derwentwater Cumbria (SOLD)

The River Llugwy North Wales (SOLD)

On the Llugwy, North Wales (SOLD)

Autumn on the Lledr, North Wales (SOLD)

On The Llugwy North Wales (SOLD)

Fishing on the Wharfe (SOLD)

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