Robert Watson (1855-1921)

Robert William Watson was born in Brighton, Sussex in 1855. He was the son of the highland landscape artist William Watson (1809-1871). In 1880, he married Alice Ashcroft and they moved to Aughton, Lancashire, England. They had three daughters, Gertrude, Beatrice and Florence. Watson came from a family of painters who excelled in Cattle and Highland landscape paintings. He exhibited a number of his works across the UK including Liverpool and Glasgow. Queen Victoria was an avid collector of Scottish works of art which made Watson Highland scenes incredibly popular in the late 19th Century. Robert Watson’s works can be found in collections at the Williamson Art Gallery, Astley Hall Museum & Art Gallery, Brighton & Hove Museum, Maidstone Museum, Burnley Town Hall, Towneley Hall Art Gallery & the Harris Museum.

Robert Watson died on 31 August 1921 in the Ramsey Cottage Hospital, Ramsey, Isle of Man.