Marissa Weatherhead

Somerset based artist Marissa Weatherhead was born in 1962. Marissa gained a first-class BA (Hons) at Gloucestershire College of Art and Design 1982-85 and a MA in Fine Art at The Royal College of Art, London 1986-88. Marissa’s colourful paintings are influenced by artists such as Braque, Picasso and Matisse. She brings together familiar objects as a reference point for her paintings. Flowers, fish, plates and bowls come together on a table and exclude the parameters of a room. The objects start from observation but develop beyond a naturalistic representation through her own understanding and interpretation so that they become simplified in appearance by flattening form through lines, pattern and shape. Some paintings go through a process of immense change and this is seen in the build-up of paint and textured surface through layering as she works within the composition to find a resolution.

Marissa has achieved great success with numerous awards and exhibitions including residency at Sa Taronja Andratx Mallorca 2016, Joya AiR Spain 2017, Arte Studio Ginestrelle Italy 2017 and Hannacc Can Borni Spain 2018. Commission painting “The Four Seasons” for the Guildhall School of Music and Drama at the Barbican, London and exhibitions across the world including New York, London, Barcelona, Basel, Venice and Madrid. Marissa’s works can be found in private collections around the globe including the Arthur Anderson Collection, London.