Lloyd George Higgins (1912-1980)

Lloyd George Higgins was born in 1912 in Mossley near Manchester. Lloyd won a scholarship to the Royal College of Art in Salford and in 1931 was awarded the first prize at the Royal Society of Arts Exhibition for poster design. Following on from his scholarship he received a first-class diploma from the Royal Society for Industrial Design.

In 1956, the Higgins family moved to Todmorden, Lancashire where Lloyd started his career as a teacher which spanned twenty years. During that time, Lloyd enjoyed creating his own style of paintings, reflecting his memories of the past with playful themes of day to day life in the North West. The popularity of L.S. Lowrys’ work in the 1970’s brought keen interest to Lloyds’ work; his affectionate cartoon-like scenes of life in the Lancashire textile mills with families and workers going about their everyday life captures the humour of Northern folk at that time.

Lloyd exhibited his paintings in galleries around the North West of England, at the Manchester Academy of Fine Arts and the Salford Art Gallery.