Csilla Orban

Csilla Orban was born in 1961 in Budapest, Hungary. She graduated from the University of Budapest in 1984 with a Fine Art Masters Degree and followed this up with a year as a scholarship student in the former USSR. Csilla has taken lots of inspiration from her travels around world before finally settling down in the UK.

Csilla’s favourite place and the one which first galvanised her imagination for art was Paris. She is fascinated by European cultures, intimate cafes, grand boulevards and the bohemian culture. She was a member and a co-secretary of the Parisian Independent Salon’s Hungarian group since 1996, where she helped several talented young artists to establish their reputation on the Hungarian art scene.
Csilla has participated in many international exhibitions, and in 2004 she received the ‘Genius Talent Prize’ in Budapest at the exhibition celebrating the entry of Hungary into the European Union. Eventually, after spending six months in the USA, in June 2006 she participated in a joint exhibition of contemporary painters in Texas which brought her to the notice of a wider international audience.