Constantin Kluge (1912-2003)

Artist Constantin Kluge was born in Riga, Lativa on the 29th January 1912.  The Kluge family moved to Manchuria in 1919. Constantin’s early years, evoked a passion for drawing Mandarin characters influenced by Chinese culture. Eventually, the situation changed in Manchuria resulting in the family moving to Beijing. Whilst at school in Beijing, Kluge was introduced to the formal study of art, under the direction of the Russian artist Podgursky Chernomyrdin.

In 1931 Constantin Kluge moved to Paris and gained a place studying architecture at the well renowned École des Beaux Arts. After six years at the famed French academy, Kluge earned his architectural diploma. During his time in Paris, Kluge’s artistic talents were captivated by Parisian life. His later works of the river Seine, flower markets and the streets of Paris were executed with an impressionistic brush stroke along with a gentle naturalistic feel. His Paris street scenes capture the true essence of En plein air painting, which makes Kluge’s work so popular today.

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