Maurice Empi

Maurice Empi was born in St-Étienne, France on the 31st January 1933. Empi studied under French artist Gen Paul (1895-1975). In 1949 Empi enrolled in the ‘Ecole Technique Supérieur de Art et Publicité’ in Montparnasse, Paris. Empi held a number of successful exhibitions in Paris (1953), Stockholm (1955), London (1959) and Tokyo (1971). In 1995 […]

Benjamin Eugène Fichel (1826-1895)

Benjamin Eugène Fichel was born in Paris on August 30th 1826.  A talented young artist, he entered the École des Beaux-Arts at the young age of fifteen, where he eventually became a student of Martin Drolling and Paul Delaroche. Given his very young age and the rigorous training necessary as a student of the École […]

Cecil Kennedy Painting For Sale

Cecil Kennedy (1905-1997)

Cecil Kennedy was born in England on the 4th February 1905. He was the son of Landscape painter Thomas Robert Kennedy from whom he received early inspiration and instruction. Cecil’s early career was centred around portraiture and he became a prominent member of the English Contemporary School. Cecil continued to study and later travelled to […]

Robert Watson (1855-1921)

Robert William Watson was born in Brighton, Sussex in 1855. He was the son of the highland landscape artist William Watson (1809-1871). In 1880, he married Alice Ashcroft and they moved to Aughton, Lancashire, England. They had three daughters, Gertrude, Beatrice and Florence. Watson came from a family of painters who excelled in Cattle and […]

Peter Scott (1909-1989)

Sir Peter Scott was born in London in 1909. He was the only child of Robert Falcon Scott the Antarctic explorer and sculptor Kathleen Bruce. Scott was educated at Oundle School and Cambridge University. He went on to study at the Munich State Academy and The Royal Academy Schools, London. Like his mother, Scott displayed […]

Allen Tortice

Allen Tortice was born in North Yorkshire in 1948. He grew up within a mining family in the heart of the industrial northeast. He is one of eight children and was educated at the local village school. Like his father, Allen left school and worked down the mines. He later studied engineering at Wakefield College, […]

David Henty - Carnes Fine Art

David Henty

David Henty’s history as a copyist/art forger starts, appropriately enough, with a conviction for forgery, more than twenty-five years ago. It was while serving his sentence that David’s passion for art was rekindled. Quickly seduced by the technicality of copying, David has honed his craft to perfection, establishing a thriving legitimate business as a professional […]

John Skeaping

John Skeaping was born in South Woodford, Essex in 1901. Skeaping studied at Goldsmiths College London and later at the Royal Academy. He gained a scholarship at the British School at Rome where he won the Prix de Rome in 1924. Barbara Hepworth was runner up that year, she and Skeaping travelled to Siena and […]

Stephen Collett Paintings

Stephen Collett

Stephen Collett lives and works in Liverpool. He gained a degree in architecture which has played a big part of his career as a professional artist. Stephen has travelled throughout the major cities of Europe, New York and Shanghai. With this visual observation, he is able to capture the cultural sights and landmarks which he […]