David Smith

British landscape artist David Smith was born in Essex in 1949.  David has been a professional artist since 1976 and has since established himself as one of the UK’s leading landscape artists. David’s passion for the countryside is more than evident, his traditional approach along with eye catching detail gives a truly naturalistic feel to […]

Paul Augustinus

Paul Augustinus was born in Denmark in 1952 however, he grew up on the East Coast of Africa and has lived in Africa all his life. Before becoming a professional artist, he studied Geology and gained a BSc degree at Natal University in Durban. It wasn’t until 1979 when his artistic talents were recognised. He […]

Christina Hart-Davies

Christina Hart-Davies is a professional Botanical artist from Dorset. Her journey began with a honours degree at Reading University and later she worked for a design company in London. Christina’s professional career spans over 40 years. She has illustrated many books including Collins Wildflower Guide and created numerous works for publishers such as Kew Magazine, […]

Allan Morgan

Allan Morgan is a professional artist living on the borders of Herefordshire and Powys. Born in 1952, Allan study at Swansea and Coventry Art Colleges gaining a B.A. in fine art. A successful career in illustration soon followed and Allan was working for several major publishing companies. But with a love of landscape painting combined with […]

Jeffrey Pratt

Jeffrey Pratt lives and works from his home and studio in Oxfordshire. Jeffrey’s passion for art, nature and the beautiful British countryside has inspired his colourist works over the last 25 years. Creating vibrant paintings outside ‘au plein air’ is at the core of Jeffrey’s creative process. Each piece is bathed in colour and brush […]

Anthony Gibbs

Anthony Gibbs was born in Birmingham in 1951. He studied at Bourneville School of Art and later became a full-time professional artist. Anthony’s artistic talent, love for nature and wildlife has inspired his career to date. Working in mixed mediums such as oils, watercolour and graphite, Anthony has forged a very successful career as a […]

Rodger McPhail

Rodger Mcphail was born in Lancashire in 1953 and is regarded as one of the country’s leading wildlife artists. After studying at Liverpool School of Art, Rodger embarked on a career as a professional artist. Working in a variety medium such as oils, watercolour and gouache, Rodger has forged a very successful career as a […]

Clive Maddison

Clive Maddison was born in Edwinstowe, Nottinghamshire and from early childhood, Sherwood Forest has been a great inspiration to him. This connection has given him a life-long love for trees. Clive says “Most of us wouldn’t notice how much of an impact trees have on our daily lives. It’s something I have become acutely aware […]

Paul-Lucien Dessau

Paul-Lucien Dessau was born in London in 1909. Dessau was a British artist best known for the paintings he produced during the Second World War whilst serving as a fireman in London Paul Dessau was the third of four children. His father died when he was young and he did not do well at school. […]