Jack Vettriano

Jack Vettriano was born in Fife, Scotland in 1951. During the 1970’s, Vettriano’s girlfriend bought him a watercolour set for his 21st birthday and thereafter he spent all of his spare time painting. His early pieces were heavily influenced by impressionism and his works were signed under his birth name ‘Jack Hoggan’. In 1988 Vettriano […]

Dianne Flynn

Dianne Flynn was born in Huddersfield, Yorkshire in 1939. She attended art schools in Huddersfield and Batley and thereafter gained a graduate Diploma in Art and Design at the Manchester School of Arts in 1973. Dianne became a full-time professional artist in 1976 and has enjoyed decades of success. Her artistic skills brought her to […]

Edward Hersey

Edward Hersey was born in Surrey in 1948. Herseys’ paintings are instinctively recognisable, warm summer landscapes and rustic farm buildings have become a trademark subject throughout his long-established career. Hersey’s artistic appreciation for rural scenes carry a distinctive style, rich in colour and highly detailed compositions which delight the viewer. For a number years, Hersey […]

John Sherrin - Carnes Fine Art

John Sherrin (1819-1896)

John Sherrin was born in London in 1819 and was the eldest of the six children to John Sherrin, and his wife, Christina Williamson. Sherrin was apprenticed to Samuel Smith, a jeweller, and later worked for the designers, Howell, James & Co, Regent Street, and the goldsmiths, Matthews & Peake, Gerrard Street, London. John Sherrin […]

Alex Fleming

Alex Fleming is a professional wildlife artist from Lancashire.  Alex started painting seriously from 2007 and has developed a successful career as one of the county’s leading wildlife artists. Alex creates photorealistic works in various forms and particularly excels in his preferred medium of pastel and graphite.  His artwork is breathtakingly detailed with a delicate […]

Jean Pritchard

Jean Pritchard is professional wildlife artist based in Cumbria.  She studied Scientific and Technical Illustration at Blackpool and Fylde College of Art and Design.  Initially Jean worked with watercolours but now prefers oils as a creative medium, this offers her the opportunity to produce works with bolder colours and photo realistic detail. Jeans passion for […]

Alexander Millar

Alexander Millar was born in a small village in Ayrshire, Scotland in 1960. Growing up in the 60’s and 70’s has greatly influenced Alexander’s work. Old men dressed in dark navy suits are a popular subject and instinctively recognisable as an Alexander Millar painting. Self-taught, Alexander became a professional full-time artist in 1988 and since […]

Alistair Butt

Alistair works in both oils and watercolours and specialises in landscapes and coastal scenes of the British Isles. Light fascinates Alistair, he has a wonderful skill when capturing light in many forms, whether it is a shimmer across a river, sunlight across an open landscape or winter shadows on snowy ground. Alistair Butt works from […]

Antoine-Louis Barye (1795-1895)

Antoine-Louis Barye was born on 24thSeptember 1795 in Paris, France. Barye initially worked as a goldsmith studying under French sculptor Guilaume-Joseph Biennais who was the chief goldsmith to Napoleon Bonaparte. In 1818 Barye gained a place at the renowned École des Beaux-Arts where he studied for five years. Barye began to specialise in the natural […]