William Frederick Longstaff (1879-1953)

William Longstaff (1879-1953) was born in Ballarat, Australia in 1879. He studied at Grenville College and Ballarat School of Mines before joining the military and serving in the Boer War with the South African Light Horse Regiment. Upon returning to Australia, William continued to paint and teach art until the outbreak of the First World […]

Amanda Jackson

Amanda Jackson studied Fine Art at Northampton University gaining a first class degree, subsequently she has attended atelier at the Norfolk Painting School. Amanda’s work is drenched in bright light. Careful observation and technical know-how allow her paintings to glow as though lit from within. A traditional painter with a naturalistic or realistic style, Amanda […]

Harold Riley

Harold Riley was born in Salford in 1934. He attended Salford Grammer School and in 1951 won a scholarship to the Slade School of Fine Art and later went on to study in Florence, Italy and Spain, before returning to Salford. He was awarded an honorary doctorate at the university of Salford, Manchester. Riley cemented […]

Simon Whitfield

Simon Whitfield is a landscape artist, noted for his mountainous paintings of the lake district. He was born in Bristol, later moving north to study Anthropology at Durham University. Simon is a self-taught artist, studying works by the romantic painters of the 19th century, such as William Turner and other the great watercolourists of the […]

Michael Demain

Michael Demain was born in Accrington, Lancashire in 1957. Michael is a self-taught professional wildlife artist, he started painting at the age of 31 after a chance meeting with fellow artist Steven Townsend. Encouraged by Steven to adopt his own style, Michael devoted all of his spare time to painting and has never looked back. […]

Stephen Park

Stephen Park was born in Birmingham in 1953. He first started painting at the age of twelve, mostly landscapes inspired by the British master, John Constable. In the early 1980’s Stephen began to focus more towards wildlife subjects. His passion for this genre magnified after taking a trip to Kenya in Africa. Stephen has since […]

Philip Gerrard

Philip Gerrard is a still life and landscape artist from Lancashire. Philip turned professional in 1996 and has since developed his portfolio across both genres. Philip says ‘My realism paintings demonstrate timeless quality and appeal. They are not minimalist nor are they over composed. I prefer a fusion of classical and contemporary influences. This has been […]

Wayne Westwood

Wayne Westwood is a renowned British wildlife artist. A completely self-taught artist, Wayne was initially inspired by wildlife artist Raymond Harris Ching. Wayne passion for the great outdoors is captured in ever painting, each piece is well composed and beautifully balanced in order to capture the subject in its truest form. Wayne’s artwork has been […]

Rob Hefferan

Rob Hefferan was born in 1968 in Warrington, Cheshire. Upon leaving secondary education, Rob went on to study at Padgate Art School and later gained a place at university to study a degree in illustration. From 1991, Rob worked hard as a versatile designer and illustrator which won him a number of prestigious contracts, ranging […]