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Edmund Bristow (1787-1876)

Edmund Bristow (1787-1876)

was born in Eton, Berkshire, the son of a heraldic painter. He was patronised by the Duke of Clarence and later William IV. He painted sporting scenes, animals, genre and landscapes.  Bristow was a recluse, a man of independent spirit and worked only when the spirit moved him. He sometimes refused even to sell his finished works. He excelled in the drawing of horses, animals and rustic scenes. His works tended to be small in scale, well observed and with great attention to detail. Many of his works were bought by private collectors in the local area. He exhibited numerous works of art between 1809-1838 at The Royal Academy, The British Institution and The Society of British Artists.

Edmund Bristow lived his entire life at Eton and passed away 12th February 1876 at the age of 89

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