Michel Delacroix (1933)

Michel Delacroix (1933)  was born in Paris, France 1933. He Studied at The Lycee Louis-Le-Grand and later went on to have many successful exhibitions including The Axelle Fine Arts Galerie, New York in December 2015. His late son, Bertrand Delacroix established himself as fine art dealer and opened a number of galleries in Boston and New […]

Edmund Bristow (1787-1876)

Edmund Bristow (1787-1876) was born in Eton, Berkshire, the son of a heraldic painter. He was patronised by the Duke of Clarence and later William IV. He painted sporting scenes, animals, genre and landscapes.  Bristow was a recluse, a man of independent spirit and worked only when the spirit moved him. He sometimes refused even […]

Douglas Falconer

Douglas Falconer was born in 1913. Falconer established an early career as a furniture designer, one of a number of important commissions was the re-making of the bomb damaged rostrum at the auction house Christie’s. Douglas Falconer initially painted as a pastime but soon became recognised for his quaint and his delightfully picturesque landscapes.  He […]

Robert Angelo Kittermaster Marshall (1849-1923)

Robert Angelo Kittermaster Marshall (1849-1923) was born in London, England 1849. He was the son and pupil of the artist Charles Marshall (1806-1890) who began his early career as a stage designer for theatres in and around the capital. Charles later became a successful landscape painter, exhibiting between 1828-1884 at The Royal Academy, The Society […]

Constantin Kluge paintings

Constantin Kluge (1912-2003)

Constantin Kluge (1912-2003) was born in Riga, Lativa on the 29th January 1912.  The Kluge family moved to Manchuria in 1919. Constantin’s early years, evoked a passion for drawing Mandarin characters influenced by Chinese culture. Eventually, the situation changed in Manchuria resulting in the family moving to Beijing. Whilst at school in Beijing, Kluge was […]

Angelo Jank (1868-1940)

Angelo Jank (1868-1940) was born on the 30th October 1868, a German animal painter, draughtsman, illustrator and member of the Munich Secession. He specialised in horse racing scenes and animals. After graduating from the Wihelmsgymnasium in 1888, he studied at the Academy of Fine Arts from 1891 to 1896 with Ludwig von Löfftz and Paul Hoecker.  In 1898, he […]

Pierre de Clausade paintings for sale

Pierre de Clausade (1910-1976)

Pierre de Clausade (1910-1976) Clausade was born in Paris 1910.  An accomplished landscape painter in a contemporary manner.  Pierre de Clausade enjoyed many successful exhibitions in his hometown of Paris and later in America. His distinctive talent lead him to achieve his membership of the Salon d’ Hiver and frequently exhibited at the highly acclaimed Société […]

Lewis Henry Shepheard (1816-1893)

Lewis Henry Shepheard  was born in London in 1816.  He was the son of the watercolour painter and engraver George Shepheard (1770-1842) A painter of landscapes, a number of Shepheards watercolours and sketches were published in 1873 and he exhibited in London at The Royal Academy and The Royal Society of British Artists in Suffolk […]

William Lakin Turner (1867-1936)

William Lakin Turner was born in 1867 in Barrow upon Trent, Derbyshire.  He was educated locally before he boarded at Trent College.  His talent for painting was inspired by his father, George Turner. His father was a part-time farmer but he also painted landscapes and had a number of successful students including David Payne and […]