Joan Gillchrest (1918-2008)

Joan Gilchrest (1918-2008) was born in Westminster on the 2nd November 1918. Her father was a pioneering radiologist and accomplished caricaturist, her mother was gifted pianist. Both encouraged her to paint from an early age. Joan later went on to study at the Grosvenor School of Art and exhibited works at the Royal Academy and the […]

William Henry Hamilton Trood (1848-1899)

William Henry Hamilton Trood (1848-1899) was born in 1848. Trood lived in London and was distinguished animal painter, specializing in dogs. He was a member of the Royal Society of British Artists and exhibited between 1879-1898 at The Royal Academy, Grosvenor Gallery and The New Watercolour Society. His paintings were usually given sentimental titles such […]

Horatio Henry Couldery (1832-1893)

Horatio Henry Couldery (1832-1893) was born in Lewisham, London in 1832. An accomplished painter of genre scenes and animals. Couldery was apprenticed to a cabinet maker but his love for painting led him to give up his career and enroll as a student at the Royal Academy in London. Couldery had a number of successful […]

Claude Cardon

Claude Cardon (1864-1937) was born Claude Lorraine Clark in London 1864. His Father was the artist Samuel James Clark. Claude would later use the surname ‘Cardon’ probably to distinguish himself from the Clark family name. Claude’s artistic composition centered around rustic landscapes and the idyllic countryside scenes, especially rural farming life, animals and livestock. Cardon […]

John Cyril Harrison (1898-1985)

John Cyril Harrison (1898-1985) John was born in Tidworth, Wiltshire in 1898. Harrison began drawing at a tender age, learning from taxidermy and birds of prey. After later studying at the Slade school of Art, he moved to Norfolk, settling in a studio in Haynford. He was greatly admired by his peers and collectors of […]

Nadia Benois (1896-1975)

Nadia Benois (1896-1975) Nadezhda Leontievna Ustinova better known as Nadia Benois was born in Russia 1896.  Her father, Leon Benois came from a prominent 19th Century Russian family of artists, musicians and architects.  Nadia studied art at the St Petersburg Academy of Fine Arts.  In 1920, Benois moved to London with her husband Jona Benois. Nadia […]

John Paddy Carstairs (1910-1970)

John Paddy Carstairs (1910-1970)   John Paddy Carstairs was born in London on the 11th May 1910. The son of comedian Nelson Keys, John later changed his surname to his mother’s maiden name ‘Carstairs’ to enable him to forge his own career in the film industry.  John was to become a successful writer, film director, comic […]

Francois Gall (1912-1987)

Francois Gall (1912-1987)   Francois Gall was born in Kolozsár, Hungary on the 22ndMarch 1912. Gall initially studied at the Accademia de Belle Arti in Rome and in 1930, he secured a grant from the Hungarian government. At the age of 24, Gall moved to Paris to study at the École Nationale des Beaux-Arts. He […]

Katy Harrald

Katy Harrald Katy was born in Dorset in 1992.  She attended The Arts University Bournemouth between 2011-2014, completing a Ba (Hons) Illustration.  Katy specialises in traditional pencil and graphite still life. Raised in the New Forest National Park, along the South Coast, her work has become a celebration of British nature and coastal treasures. Capturing […]